Internal Communications Taking Senior Managers by the Hand…

Today I had the honor of addressing a croud of communications professionals and senior managers at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rueschlikon, Switzerland. Apart from the fact that the place is stunning, I enjoyed the company of quite a bunch of enormously smart people.

I talked about the change in internal communications: Leaving the times behind when internal communicators had to shut up and disseminate whatever messages senior managers ordered them to do so and embracing the fact that internal communications is all about enabling all internal stakeholders to engage in an ongoing dialogue. Across all hierarchies and about everything.

In my opinion, supporting senior managers to successfully cope with the need to engage in internal online discussions is one of the most important missions internal communications has to embark on. In a system based on interaction, knowledge does not equal power anymore. And having to recognize this can hurt. In ten years (or so) from now, the generation change in many c-suites will have rendered this challenge obsolete, simply because younger managers will bring a different set of communications habits to the table.

More on the change in internal communications to follow later in this blog.

(Please bear with me as this Prezi is in German only.)